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Bobath for adults & children – KG Neuro

Bobath Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Bobath Therapy or KG Neuro specializes in neurological disorders that are treated using physio therapeutic methods. The aim of this particular type of therapy is to promote the patient’s own efforts on an individual level and in relation to their everyday activities.

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Physiotherapy Bobath treatment for children, adolescents and adults

In collaboration with the patient, we develop techniques for therapeutic handling and facilitation with the aim of improving movement patterns or regain normal performance. Impairments are often due to neurological problems involving sensorimotor malfunction. Consequently, Bobath is most often used on patients with brain trauma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or paralysis or after a stroke or brain haemorrhage.


Bobath is a therapy that understands patients in a holistic and individual way. That is why there are no standardized exercises to treat neurological impairments. Motor function can be re-activated or improved because the nervous system has the ability for life-long learning. Bobath therapy can take place with the patient in a standing, sitting or lying position, depending on the individual and their condition. It helps to school body awareness, to relieve pain, to regain lost mobility and generally restore personal independence in everyday life.