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Pilates is a relaxed training method that combines elements from classical dance, yoga and acrobatics. Gentle exercises specialize in stretching and strengthening the “powerhouse”, ie the muscles in the pelvis, back, stomach and legs. A positive side effect: with regular Pilates the waist becomes firmer, the stomach flatter and the legs more muscular.

In Pilates, targeted breathing techniques and the tension and relaxation of certain body parts play a central role. Exercises such as the bridge or the bench position activate the central muscle groups in the body, which in Pilates are collectively referred to as “powerhouse”. Training in the powerhouse strengthens the back muscles and stabilizes the spine, for example. Targeted breathing exercises relax the body and help reduce stress. This in turn relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area as well as headaches that are often caused by stress.

All that is needed for Pilates is a quiet room, an exercise mat and comfortable training clothes that allow free breathing. Aids such as balls, balance rollers or ribbons are also used to strengthen coordination, fine motor skills and body awareness.

Little by little, healthy posture and movement patterns are learned that are integrated into everyday life. An upright posture, relaxed breathing and conscious body awareness improve the quality of life and make you happy.