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we treat the cause


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“Do something good for your body so that your soul feels like living in it.” (Teresa of Avila)

The philosophy of yoga, which comes from India, aims at the harmonious interplay of body, mind and soul. Stress reduction, better posture, more flexibility and inner calm – this is how people are in an optimal state.

Yoga connects the body with the mind and creates a wide perception that goes beyond the self. The connection with the entire universe opens the senses, expands the consciousness and creates a harmony between the self and the cosmos.

Yoga comprises three essential elements: physical exercises such as the sun salutation or the downward facing dog, targeted breathing and meditation. Deep relaxation relieves stress, concentrated breathing supplies the body with oxygen and physical exercises promote the body’s flexibility and flexibility and increase self-awareness. Yoga is not just a sporting unit, but a philosophy that is integrated into everyday life. After a few practice sessions, yoga can also be done alone. In the park, in the mountains, at home or on the beach – a quiet place is enough to find yourself and to bring body and mind into harmony. It has been proven that people who practice yoga breathe more consciously and relaxed, move more flexibly, exude a general serenity and smile more.