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Fitness boxing

Fitness boxing combines elements from boxing and kickboxing. When done correctly, various muscle groups are activated and the performance of the entire body is promoted. With combinations of strokes and leg movements, arm, shoulder, chest, abdominal, back and leg muscles are trained all at once, without specifically focusing on specific muscles – as is usual when training on equipment.

Fitness boxing is not about “sparring”, that is, fighting against another person. This is a sporty boxing training, which includes punch combinations, powerful movement techniques and the coordination of different movement patterns. In this way not only are many calories burned and muscles built; the body also gains endurance, flexibility, speed, coordination and strength. Fitness boxing is also recommended to overcome stress, as hitting a punching bag, for example, can help relieve aggression and tension.

In fitness boxing, physical exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups or squats are done to promote strength. Training with the jump rope also promotes speed and endurance. Exercises to coordinate arms and legs promote concentration and body awareness. The variety of different training units, which are essential for learning about fitness boxing, are intense, varied and exciting. A sport for people who want to challenge themselves and go beyond their limits.