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Functional training

Functional training is a training method that does not focus on individual muscles, but on several joints and muscle groups. Machines that are mostly known from the gym are not used. These often focus on a specific joint and not on holistic movements that involve several parts of the body. In functional training, several muscles should be trained at the same time, with coordination, sensorimotor skills and strength being the main focus. The aim is to strengthen body awareness so that exercises can be carried out correctly and consciously.

The training includes familiar exercises such as running, jumping, hopping, turning or balance training. The aim is to train the core, which is responsible for the stability and performance of the musculoskeletal system. Abdominal, pelvic, spine and hip muscles remain powerful in the long term if the core is stable.

In functional training, the focus is not on building muscles, but on the athlete’s perception of their own body. After all, muscles are built automatically if you exercise regularly and correctly.

Functional training is particularly suitable for people who want to prepare for a sport or everyday life. The risk of injury should decrease and performance should increase. By performing exercises without equipment, various movements are internalized. With a conscious body awareness that has an impact on sports activities, the body gains strength, flexibility and balance.