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Outdoor fitness

Sport in the fresh air, a thirst for adventure and creativity combined in one: outdoor fitness is trendy. Whether jogging in the park, pull-ups on branches, jumps over rocks, climbing or balance exercises – everything is possible outside.

It has long been known that exercise keeps the body fit and ensures a balanced lifestyle. Physical balance is especially important for people who work in the office and suffer from tension in the neck, shoulder and back area. It is all the better if fresh air is inhaled and people can find their way back to their original state.

Outdoor fitness includes different disciplines. Which one is best for whom, however, depends on the individual physical condition of the individual. Walking, faster running, stretching exercises, endurance training or relaxation exercises – you will gradually find out what is most beneficial for the body and wellbeing. Regular outdoor training in the fresh air promotes the cardiovascular system and ensures a healthy balance to everyday working life. Coordination, flexibility, relaxation and strength – the body needs all of these in order to stay fit and healthy in the long term.