Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte - Physiotherapie Marsch Berlin-Mitte GmbH
We do not treat the symptom
we treat the cause


Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte is located at the core of the old town, where old and new, history and future, and locations with an outstanding history, art and architecture meet. This is a practice where your body and soul can find their original status again.

Prevention, therapy or rehabilitation – Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte offers physiotherapeutic treatments, osteopathic procedures, massages, personal training or courses that will improve patients’ independence and well-being in everyday life. In case of orthopaedic or neurological disorders or function impairment of the inner organs, physiotherapy focuses on determining the cause of the disorder in order to compile an effective treatment plan that fights the disorder from its root. The treatment specifically is to activate the organism’s self-healing powers in order to compensate for pain, function and development disorders or other limitations using own performance.

The body is subject to special stress in the busy capital city. The options and the fast pace of a vibrant city challenge the locomotor system and affect the mind. Pain, tension, stress symptoms, restlessness – all of these can slow down your everyday life and make things harder for you. The physiotherapy practice Marsch will return energy to your body and make you ready for everyday life in the capital city.

A flexible, relaxed body, conscious perception of oneself and target-oriented harmony in everyday life – we understand what your body needs to move through life independently and freely.

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