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We do not treat the symptom
we treat the cause

Cooperations and partners of the Physiotherapy Marsch Berlin Mitte

Physiotherapy Marsch Berlin Mitte GmbH cooperates with various medical institutions, companies and associations.

lipocenter logo

Practice for wrinkle injections, wrinkle treatment with Botox

Lipocenter is a recognized institution for liposuction and lipedema surgery. The experienced liposurgeons treat lipedema and its causes. Specialization in water jet liposuction enables repositioning of unwanted fat deposits.

Berlin Health Excellence

With the “Berlin Health Excellence” initiative and on, visitBerlin actively promotes health tourism and positions Berlin as the medical capital.

German Society for Lymphology eV

German Society for Lymphology eV

The DGL has existed as a registered association since 1976. The aim is to promote research and teaching in the field of lymphology, lymphangiology and edema diseases.

BODY WORLDS Berlin – with spectacular animal plastinates

One of the most successful exhibitions worldwide is the BODY WORLDS exhibition . In over 140 cities worldwide, more than 48 million visitors viewed the 160 to 200 real human specimens in the exhibition.

In addition to a large number of impressive full-body plastinates and individual organs, the interested audience will be presented with blood vessel configurations and transparent longitudinal and cross-sections of the body.
The visitors get a comprehensive insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Organ functions and common diseases, in direct comparison of healthy and diseased organs, are explained in an easily understandable way.

German Network Scoliosis eV

German Scoliosis Network

The DSN German Scoliosis Network, based in 53175 Bonn, is a non-profit, recognized self-help organization in Germany, founded and managed by people affected by scoliosis and serves as a network “helping people to help themselves” and a guide for others affected.

Federal Association of Osteopathy eV

Federal Association of Osteopathy eV

The Bundesverband Osteopathie eV – BVO represents the interests of strong osteopathy in Germany. With over 2,500 members, we take care of the concerns of therapists and patients.

Titanic Hotels

Titanic Hotels

The Titanic Chaussee is located in the center of Berlin, just a few minutes’ walk from the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum and Oranienburger Strasse. The trendy district between Hackescher Markt and Torstraße attracts with numerous bars, cafés and restaurants as well as fascinating galleries and boutiques.

Befine Sports and Spa

Befine Sports & Spa

Located in the heart of Berlin, the befine Sports & Spa Club is an asset for all fitness and wellness enthusiasts. The club is both a member club and a day spa. Affiliated to the Titanic Hotel, you can experience fitness, courses, spa, pool and hammam in a high-quality hotel ambience on 2,500 m².


Quchnia – coffee bread culture

With a grandiose view of the concert hall, our QUCHNIA on Gendarmenmarkt invites our guests to linger. Elegance and down-to-earthness combine in the furnishings as well as in the culinary offer.



Premium coffee enjoyment.