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Needs assessment

What does a company need to create optimal working conditions and ensure maximum employee satisfaction? The goal should be to create an ideal working atmosphere that allows for the lowest possible health impact.

Above all, the ergonomic design of the workplace plays a major role. Their analysis deals for example with the adaptation of chairs, keyboards, tables and screens. If the height of the office chair is optimally adjusted to the height of the table, tension and pain in the back and neck area is prevented. Beyond the optimal composition of the office area, it is important to consider the mental state of the employees. Stress in the workplace can reduce employee satisfaction and lead to chronic illnesses which – whether short or long – will affect performance. A further analysis can relate to company policy, which refers to the compatibility of work with family and leisure.

A needs analysis provides information about what exactly is needed to create a perfect working atmosphere with optimal conditions. After all, the long-term success of a company depends on the satisfaction of its employees. With simple means and measures, a high level of efficiency and productivity can be achieved that satisfies both employees and managers in the long term.