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Stocktaking / Ergonomics

What is the physical and psychological strain on your employees in your company? How high is the safety in the workplace? What is the overall atmosphere like? These and more specific questions are the focus of an inventory or ergonomics.

Because the fact is: The working world is often exhausting and overwhelming – both mentally and physically. While some employees complain of tension and pain in the back or shoulders, others react with psychological stress such as cardiovascular problems or headaches. However, underloading can also represent a significant deficit that can negatively affect both employers and employees.

It is often forgotten that the health and satisfaction of employees are one of the most important resources that determine the success of a company, institution or organization. An ergonomics analysis identifies deficits so that an action plan can be drawn up. An inventory therefore checks the current state of the working environment and creates space and ideas for preventive and health-promoting suggestions in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company with the help of an ideal working atmosphere.