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Manual therapy for blockages in the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, headache and witch shot

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Manual therapy is a healing treatment that is executed with the hands. The treatment requires a systematic physiotherapeutic examination to analyse functional disorders of the locomotor system.

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The causes of malfunctions of joint mobility are manifold. Manual therapy can also be used very effectively in patients with spinal problems,such as herniated discs in the cervical spine (HWS), headache, witch shot.

Often pain and blockages can be attributed to a reversible dysfunction of the joint or related muscles. Also, a shortened musculature,arthrotic changes of the articular cartilage or narrowing of a nerve can lead to pain and limitations.

With special handle techniques, joint mechanics and movement disorders in the spinal column are analyzed in order to create an individual treatment plan based on the results of the examination. With adapted handles, pain is relieved and movement restrictions are mobilized. Manual therapy aims to restore the interaction between joints, muscles and nerves. The treatment technique is targeted and gentle.

Manual therapy depends on the individual life situation of the patient. The direction of movement of the hands depends on this, as well as their position and force – depending on each individual joint. The aim is to treat painful disorders of joint mobility with adapted joint techniques.

Often manual therapy is also combined with
treatment to achieve even better results.