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Theragun G3PRO for effective treatment of muscle discomfort

Theragun G3pro Berlin Verspannung Physiotherapie

Regular and intense exercise can put a heavy strain on muscles and lead to fatigue, cramps or tension. But even those who do little sport and sit in the office all day often complain of tension and pain.

In our physiotherapy practice, we offer our patients various treatment methods and therapies for prevention and rehabilitation, for example of functional and movement disorders. At the same time, we also support active athletes in maintaining or increasing their own performance. It is particularly important to us to always provide our patients with the latest treatment methods.

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More effective than a classic massage

Theragun G3PRO Berlin Muscle Tension Sports Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Theragun uses the so-called percussive therapy concept for the treatment of muscle problems. Short impulses and vibrations that are sent deep into muscle tissue help to activate the muscles and relieve discomfort naturally. Due to a high amplitude, the treatment with theragun is more intensive than a normal massage and also the fascia tissue is positively influenced by it. In contrast to a massage, the Theragun can also penetrate deeper muscle layers. Knocking and vibrating are perceived as very pleasant by most patients.

The theragun was developed by the American chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland, who was looking for an effective method for treating his ailments after a motorcycle accident and herniated disc. In the process, he came across the percussive massage therapy.

With the Theragun G3PRO, our practice in Berlin now has an effective therapy device that stimulates and permeates the muscle through vibrations to relieve various muscular ailments. lindern In the USA, the device, which is remotely reminiscent of a hand mixer, has been successfully used by many competitive athletes for several years. But even if you don’t do competitive sports, the use of the theragun can make sense.

How does Theragun work?

Theragun G3PRO Berlin Muscle Tension Angle Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

The so-called percussive therapy is still a relatively young form of therapy, but it has proven to be very effective for both top athletes and non-athletes. Percussion is also used in pain therapy, pain relief and performance enhancement. At the same time, it improves freedom of movement and ensures faster recovery and recovery.

With around 30 kilograms of force and 40 movements per second, the Theragun can be used at various parts of the body, such as the shoulders, thighs or hands. Depending on the purpose and body location, different interchangeable attachments can be used, including a large ball, a cone and a damper. Each muscle group is treated with theragun for about 90 to 120 seconds, and even these short treatment sequences that stimulate blood and lymph flow show clear results. In many cases, this makes theragun much more effective than, for example, a fascia roll.

Theragun G3Pro – Individual therapy concepts for athletes and non-athletes

With the Theragun, certain muscle groups can be loosenedin a targeted manner before training or competition as part of sports therapy, which not only makes the muscle more powerful, but also tension and pain can be treated in this way. The muscles are literally “awakened”.

Even during the workout itself or afterwards, the Theragun can support the regeneration of the muscles and contribute to recovery – at the same time, the massage effect is perceived as very pleasant. After an injury or surgery, the therapy tool can improve the mobility of the affected area and support a rapid recovery. The application possibilities are manifold. Whether you are an athlete or not, we will be happy to advise you in our pysiotherapy practice on the possibilities that are available to you when you treat the theragun. The therapy concept is always individually adapted to the needs of the patients.