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Theragun G3Pro: Effective treatment for muscle pain and discomfort

Theragun G3pro Berlin Verspannung Physiotherapie

Regular and intense exercise can place a strain on muscles and lead to muscle fatigue, cramps and tenseness. But even people who do not engage in physical activity and sit in their office most of the day often suffer from pain and muscle tension. Our physiotherapy practice provides patients with a wide range of treatment and therapy options to be used either to prevent or treat conditions such as movement or functional disorders. We also help athletes improve or maintain their performance. In all aspects of our work we endeavour to provide our patients with state-of-the-art methods of treatment, one of them being the Theragun G3Pro.

The Theragun G3Pro is a particularly effective therapeutic device, which helps relieve a variety of muscular discomforts with the use of vibrations. The handheld device stimulates blood flow in the muscle and has been widely and successfully used by professional athletes in the USA for many years. But not only those who take part in competitive sports can enjoy the benefits of a Theragun treatment.

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More effective than a conventional massage

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A Theragun makes use of the so-called percussive therapy concept for the treatment of muscle problems. Short stimuli and vibrations, that are delivered deep into the muscle tissue, help stimulate the muscles and naturally relieve pain and other discomforts. The high amplitude employed by the Theragun renders a percussive therapy treatment more effective than a conventional massage and even provides a positive impact on fascial tissue. This effect is owed to the fact that a Theragun treatment reaches deeper muscle layers than a regular massage can. Most patients perceive the repetitive strokes and vibrations during the treatment as a very pleasant sensation.

The Theragun is the result of a motorcycle accident and a herniated disc suffered by Dr. Jason Wersland: After the accident, the American chiropractor was looking for an effective way to manage and treat his pain, happened upon percussive massage as a treatment method and ended up developing the Theragun.

With the Theragun G3PRO, our practice in Berlin now has an effective therapy device, which stimulates and stimulates muscles through vibrations to alleviate a variety of muscular ailments. In the US, the device, remotely reminiscent of a hand mixer, has been used successfully for many years by many competitive athletes. But even if you do not practice competitive sports, the use of the Theragun can be quite useful.

How does the Theragun work?

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The so-called percussive therapy is a relatively novel treatment technique which has proven very effective for professional athletes and non-athletes alike. One of the possible applications of percussive massage includes pain management, to alleviate pain and improve performance. At the same time, percussive therapy increases range of motion and accelerates recovery and healing.

The Theragun’s up to 30 kilograms of force and 40 percussions per second can be used to treat various areas of the body like the shoulders, thighs or hands. Various attachments, including a large ball, a cone and a damper, allow an individual and area-specific treatment. Even a short treatment of no more than 90 up to 120 seconds per muscle group shows significant results by stimulating blood and lymph flow. In many cases, this makes the Theragun considerably more effective than other devices, such as a foam roller.

Individual treatment plans for athletes and non-athletes


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The Theragun has a wide range of possible fields of application. It can be used as part of sports therapy to “wake up” and loosen specific muscle groups prior to a workout or a competition. This not only increases muscle performance but can also be utilised to treat tension and pain.

During or before a workout, a Theragun treatment contributes to muscle repair and recovery while providing a pleasant massage-like effect. Even after an injury or surgery, the therapeutic device can improve mobility of the affected area and accelerate convalescence.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, we are pleased to welcome you for a consultation about the treatment options the Theragun holds in store for you. We provide customized treatment plans specifically tailored to our patients’ needs.