Foot reflex zone therapy

Foot reflex zone therapy

Foot reflexology has a long history: In ancient Egypt, China and among the Indians, the therapy was considered very effective in identifying and curingdiseasesin different parts of the body via the feet. Via certain nerve irritations or reflexes, remote effects on internal organs can be achieved.

As part of the therapy, the soles of the feet are scanned, pressed or massaged with the fingertips, thumbs or index fingers. If certain areas hurt or a hardening is detected, this can provide information about malfunctions or diseases of the organs.

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The theory says that different places on the feet are connected to certain parts of the body. For example, the toes stand for the head area or the heel for the pelvis, while the spine runs along the inside of the feet.

The foot reflexology massage includes grip techniques and follow up, which are adapted to the individual symptoms. The massage technique varies in rhythm and pressure strength. If an organ is to be calmed or relaxed, for example to alleviate pain, a slow and soft massage is preferred. If the function of an organ is to be more strongly activated or stimulated, a faster or stronger massage is used. In both cases the blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, which has a positive effect on the entire body. In particular, metabolic disorders, diseases of the joints, gastrointestinal complaints and all kinds of pain can be treated without the influence of medication.

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