Cranio-Sacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral-Therapy is an alternative medical treatment form that has developed from osteopathy. The fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord moves the nervous system from the skull (cranium) to the sacrum (sacrum). The pulsation of the fluid creates the body’s own rhythms, which are felt during the therapy. The cranio-sacral rhythm can be felt everywhere because it spreads throughout the body via the connective tissue.

As part of the therapy, a conversation is first held about the patient’s life circumstances and complaints. Then the head and cervical spine are scanned using certain manual techniques. Gentle touches, the application of light pressure on the cranial bones and communication with the therapist about emotions and sensations triggered make the therapy an experience that focuses not only on physical healing but also on psychological healing.

The aim is to relieve tension and pain, such as migraine or joint pain or restrictions of the musculoskeletal system. The cranio-sacral therapy is holistic and strengthens not only the immune system, but also the general well-being and self-perception.

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