Personal Training in Berlin Mitte

Personal Training Berlin Mitte

Holistic personal training for your health

The individual and personal training care by our experienced and qualified physiotherapists from Berlin-Mitte combines the methods and possibilities of diagnostics and treatment with personal training for maintaining or regaining physical fitness and health.

Our practice for physiotherapy has various goal-oriented training offers ready for you. Through exercises individually tailored to your needs and your goals, you will achieve optimal training results.

Our personal training offer

Core Training Berlin Mitte
Core Training
Functional Training Berlin Mitte
Functional Training
Fitness Boxen Berlin Mitte
Fitness Boxen
Outdoor Fitness Berlin Mitte
Outdoor Fitness
Fascia training
Faszien Training

Personal training: everything needed to stay fit and healthy in the long term.

Before every personal training session, there is an extensive meeting to get to know each other, in which not only the current weight, the performance level and the desired results, but also any previous illnesses are discussed. The sporting preferences also play a major role, because after all the training should also motivate. The personal trainer responds flexibly to individual wishes and creates a comprehensive training plan on the basis of this. As trained physiotherapists, our trainers know exactly what is needed to achieve your personal goals and work hand in hand with the entire team for your training success.

Our personal training in Berlin-Mitte offers you various options: In so-called core training, the exercises focus on the torso, i.e. the abdominal, pelvic, spinal and hip muscles. This form of training is designed primarily to improve body stability. It also improves the sense of balance and coordination skills.

The fascia chains, which run through the entire body like a net, are specifically loosened during a special fascia training, based on classic stretching exercises and springy movement exercises. The exercises are an optimal supplement to conventional strength and endurance training.

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Personal Trainer Berlin and Holistic Health Coaching

For those who want to train endurance, coordination and strength in one, fitness boxing, also offered by us, is suitable. With various elements from boxing and kickboxing, it efficiently promotes the performance of the entire body even without a sparring partner.

Functional training offers the possibility to train several muscle and joint groups at the same time. The goal is to increase body awareness through the holistic movements. The focus is not exclusively on building muscle, but rather on making the body fit for the stresses of everyday life, work or sports.

Outdoor fitness, as the name suggests, takes place in the fresh air. The different, varied exercises, consisting of running, stretching, endurance training or relaxation exercises, promote the cardiovascular system and provide a good balance to everyday office life.

In addition to personal training, you also have the opportunity to attend various courses at our physiotherapy practice in Berlin-Mitte. Also take a look at our blog. Here you will find regularly updated articles about health, fitness and personal training.

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