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Sport specific analyses

Regular sport requires a strong body with joints, tendons and muscles that function properly in the long term. This requires a healthy way of dealing with one’s own body as well as a good body perception that protects and preserves the locomotor system. Signs of wear and tear and overuse damage to the spine and joints occur above all when malpositions or muscular imbalances are not identified early on. If this is not reacted early, chronic pain will soon occur, which not only limits the performance of the body, but can also cause lasting damage to the musculoskeletal system.

A sport-specific analysis analyzes the musculoskeletal system and the movement sequences of the athlete and thus also assesses the individual injury risks. Studies that focus, for example, on the patient’s ability to exercise, performance or movement provide information on the current strength, coordination and endurance. It also analyses to what extent the spine or joints are strained and what compensation can be created. Thus, a running style optimization, the recommendation for wearing insoles, preventive and specific physiotherapeutic exercises can take early action against overloads and possible injuries.

With the correct body perception and the correct handling of the musculoskeletal system, regular, powerful sport promotes the physical and mental state of the athlete and awakens ambition and willpower.