Electricity treatments

Electricity treatments Berlin Mitte

Electrotherapy, TENS for pain relief & strengthening of muscles.

The current treatment is a form of electrotherapy, which is mainly used for acute or chronic diseases. Electrical stimuli are intended to trigger nerve reactions that contribute to pain relief, strengthening of the muscles or inhibition of inflammation.

Direct current, low-frequency, medium-frequency or high-frequency current influences are used. Various current frequencies (up to 100,000 Hz) are transmitted through the skin into the body. In this way, the muscle and nerve fibers are stimulated and the areas to be treated are better blooded. The principle for power treatments is simple: the muscles are contracted first and finally relaxed. In the brain, chemical substances, including the body’s own painkillers, are released, which dampen the perception of pain.

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How does the electricity treatments Berlin

During current treatment, electrodes connected to a device are glued to the skin to conduct the current into the body. Especially in chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, paralysis or muscle rheumatism, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)is said to relieve symptoms and pain. This form of treatment is carried out without the influence of medication and is considered to be particularly low in side effects. The current influence influences the nerve pathways responsible for the pain in such a way that the transmission of pain to the brain is reduced.

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