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The term osteopathy comes from ancient Greek and means “bone disease” – the osteopathic procedure deal accordingly with the treatment of numerous complaints and many clinical pictures. These range from Pain in the Joints, Tension and a restricted musculoskeletal system, up to migraine, heartburn and Menstrual cramps.

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If you are looking for an expert in osteopathy in Berlin-Mitte, you are at the right address in our practice. We have set ourselves the goal of identifying limitations and complaints with the help of osteopathy and targeted therapy. Osteopathic treatment in our practice for physiotherapy in Berlin can be preventive as well as therapeutic or rehabilitative.

For this purpose, the first step of your treatment is a detailed conversation: For the individual determination of the appropriate treatment, existing pre-existing conditions, the respective life circumstances and the main reason for your visit to our osteopathy practice in Berlin-Mitte are clarified in advance. According to your symptoms, we will direct your further treatment. Always true to our guiding principle to treat not only the symptom, but the cause of the complaints.

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At the beginning, we explained the methodology of osteopathy. It is based on the findings of the US-American doctor Andrew Still about 140 years ago. They are the basis of the treatments in our practice for physiotherapy in Berlin. In fact, the birth of osteopathy goes back much further: the methodology of “bone-setting”, i.e., the alignment or setting of bones and joints, originated in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. The main focus of treatment was the straightening of joint misalignment. These were first manually palpated. Subsequently, muscular causes were also identified. Osteopathy always involves manual therapy – this means that the body is treated only with the therapist’s bare hands.

In our practice in Berlin-Mitte, you benefit from the comprehensive qualifications of all our physiotherapists – not only in the field of osteopathy. You will always receive optimal care in every treatment area.

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In the course of osteopathic treatment, our treating osteopaths in Berlin detect movement restrictions, postural defects and blockages with their hands. During the examination and subsequent diagnosis, “superficial” factors such as temperature, mobility and tension of the skin are taken into account. As an important part of our osteopathic therapy, the deeper lying tissue is also taken into account: Ligaments, muscles, fascia, bones and organs are included in the examination by your osteopath in our Berlin practice. Because the cause of a complaint does not necessarily have to lie where the pain is located.

The most common osteopathic procedures that we also offer in our practice in Berlin-Mitte are Cranio-Sacral Therapy, the Fascia Therapy and the Visceral Techniques.

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The areas of application of osteopathy are very diverse: In our practice in Berlin-Mitte, we can help our patients with many different complaints. We recommend treatment in our osteopathy and physiotherapy practice in Berlin if a functional disorder is the cause of your complaints: This includes, for example, back and neck problems such as blockages, lumbago, muscle stiffness, restricted movement and headaches (for example migraine, dizziness and tension headaches). Osteopathic treatment is also useful for treating sports injuries. Here the focus is on sprains, tendonitis and cramps.

Also in the treatment of symptoms such as intestinal complaints, constipation or heartburn, your osteopath in our practice in Berlin-Mitte is the right contact. The methodology of osteopathy can also help with children or pregnant women. Osteopathy is a complementary medicine: as a useful supplement to conventional medicine, it accompanies diagnosis and treatment in certain areas. A crucial aspect of osteopathic therapies is the complete absence of chemical medication. Our osteopaths use only their hands when treating their patients in Berlin.

If you have any further questions about osteopathy or any other physio therapeutic treatment, just give us a call. Our experienced practice team from Berlin-Mitte will be happy to help you. You can reach us on the phone number +49 30 54 88 11 77 or that contact form .

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