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Kinesio Taping reduces pain, improves joint function and relieves muscular tension

Kinesio Taping Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Kinesio Taping was originally developed in Japan and is a therapeutic tool most often used to reduce pain, improve joint function, relieve tension, boost metabolism or reduce swelling. The treatment is performed by applying the colored Kinesio tape to the skin, with the amount of stretch placed on the tape depending on the intended effect. The tape, made of woven cotton, is both elastic and breathable and therefore suitable for application to the skin

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The colorful tapes are most often associated with professional athletes, who mainly use the blue ones on their backs, shoulders, necks or ankles. The blue tape is supposed to reduce muscle tension, while the red one is meant to increase tension. Yet the supposedly different effects of each color can mainly be attributed to psychological perception. Generally speaking, Kinesio tape – regardless of its color – is meant to improve blood flow to the muscles. It only takes a short time after initial application for the Kinesio tape to become unnoticeable. Patients describe the sensation of the tape on the part of the body that is being treated as pleasant. The effect of the tapes is strengthening on the affected area, since they do not constrict the body while at the same time stabilizing certain regions.

Pain receptors are located between the first two layers of the skin, the dermis and the epidermis. Kinesio tapes lift the skin’s top layer, thereby relieving pressure on the pain receptors and improving circulation in the underlying tissue. Since the Kinesio tapes are worn on the body, healing takes place while patients go about their daily business, while enjoying pain relief without medication.