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Professional Kinesio Taping treatment in the physiotherapy practice Berlin-Mitte

Reduce pain, improve joint function, prevent arthritis and relieve muscle tension.

If you have heard that the method is very effective against pain, you will surely have seen these colorful strips of tape. Kinesio Taping is a recognized method for the therapy of injuries; originally developed in Japan and now widely used worldwide. The scope of application is wide: from pain relief to improvement of joint function and overcoming tension and swelling.

Kinesio Taping is also used at our practice in Berlin-Mitte for all the complaints mentioned here. The appropriate tension of the adhesive strips depends on the planned healing goal. The adhesive strips, which are made of cotton, are elastic, breathable and very good for sticking to the skin. Most of the time, the patients in our practice don’t even notice that these colorful ribbons are there at all a little later.

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If you want to release pain, functions of your joints and muscle tension, this method is usually the right therapy for you.

In the field of competitive sports the colorful tapes are often seen: sticking on back parts, shoulders, neck or ankles. Mostly in blue color. In Kinesio Taping, depending on the color, certain behavior is simulated. Thus, the tension of a muscle should be reduced by blue tape and stimulated by red tape. Although these areas of effect are more psychological in nature, we also use Kinesio Taping in our practice to increase blood flow to the muscles.

The pain sensors of our skin are located in the middle of the first two layers of skin- that is, on the outer area (epidermis and the dermis). We take advantage of this deficiency when using Kinesio Taping for our Berlin practice: the tape pushes the first layer of skin, which relaxes the pain sensors and allows more blood to reach the second layer of skin. This strengthens your body – without drugs to relieve you of pain.

Kinesio Tape can be an important part of our sports physiotherapy in Berlin.

Kinesio Tape has a special place in our sports physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte. The sports tape promotes not only the muscles. It also helps to support the treatment of injuries. Additionally, it stabilizes certain areas of the body to effectively prevent injury risks due to dislocations and fractures. The strips with patches help to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic fluids and metabolism.

As its elasticity and breathable properties show, the kinesiotape can be worn even for days. It can be used without problems even when showering and swimming. By lifting the first layer of skin where the pain sensors are located, the sports tape relieves it. The better blood circulation, in addition to the healing of the tissues and muscles, also promotes your performance. In our Berlin practice for physiotherapy you will get a professional treatment with kinesiotaping to declare war on your muscle, fascia or tendon complaints. Additionally, with targeted stimulation of the receptors, your performance is improved.

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