Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping Berlin Mitte

Reduces pain, improves joint function and relieves muscular tension

Surely you have also seen these colorful plaster strips: Kinesio Taping is a now frequently used method of physiotherapy and originates from Japan. The areas of application are versatile: Starting with pain reduction, improvement of joint function and release of tension to the reduction of swelling.

Kinesio Taping is also used in our practice in Berlin for the treatment of all these complaints. Depending on the intended healing goal, the tape strips are applied to the skin with appropriate tension. The adhesive strips are made of cotton: Thus, they are elastic, breathable and ideally suited for application to the skin. As a rule, the patients in our practice in Berlin-Mitte no longer notice the colorful tapes shortly after they are applied.

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Kinesio Taping can positively influence states of tension in muscles and tissues and relieve pain

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Reduction of pain, improvement of joint function, release of muscle tension

In the field of competitive sports, the colorful tapes can be seen more often: sticking on parts of the back, shoulders, neck or ankles – mostly in blue color. In Kinesio Taping, certain properties are assigned to individual colors. For example, blue tape is supposed to lower the tension of a muscle, whereas red tape is supposed to increase it. However, these effects are more psychological in nature. Regardless of the color, we also use Kinesio Taping in our practice in Berlin to increase the blood flow to your muscles.

The pain sensors of our skin are located between the first two skin layers: the so-called epidermis and dermis. We use this structure of our skin when applying Kinesio Taping in our Berlin practice: The tape lifts the first layer of skin. This relieves the pain sensors and promotes blood circulation to the underlying tissue. Thus, the self-healing of your body is supported in everyday life and pain is relieved without the use of medication.

Kinesio Taping as part in your sports physiotherapy in Berlin

Kinesio Taping is a valuable addition to your sports physiotherapy in our Berlin practice. By using a sports tape, you not only promote the strengthening of the musculature. Kinesio Taping also makes a contribution in supporting the treatment of injuries. In addition, by stabilizing certain parts of the body, the risk of injury from fractures and distortions is effectively prevented. Through the tape strips stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic fluids and metabolism.

Due to its elasticity and breathable properties, the Kinesio Tape can be worn for days without any problems, even while showering and swimming. The sports tape lifts the first layer of skin, under which the pain sensors are located. These are thus relieved and the underlying tissue and muscles are better supplied with blood. The improved blood circulation also promotes the healing process. A treatment with Kinesio Taping in our Berlin practice supports you in the treatment of muscle, fascia or tendon complaints. In addition, your performance is improved through targeted stimulation of the receptors.