Private practice for physiotherapy in Berlin Mitte

Private practice for physiotherapy in Berlin Mitte

Unsere Praxis für Physiotherapie in Berlin-Mitte ist Ihre Anlaufstelle, wenn Sie unter Bewegungseinschränkungen, Muskel- oder Gelenkschmerzen oder Verspannungen leiden: Unser Praxisteam setzt sich dafür ein, Sie schnell wieder fit für Ihren Alltag zu machen. Dazu setzen wir im Rahmen Ihrer privaten Physiotherapie in Berlin auf vielfältige Behandlungsmethoden, darunter die Osteopathie. Wir untersuchen die Symptome Ihrer Beschwerden, um diese nachhaltig zu lösen. Ihre Physiotherapie soll dazu beitragen, Sie dauerhaft beweglich und schmerzfrei zu machen.

In our practice we work according to the principle: “We don’t treat the symptom, we treat the cause”. To do this, we rely on a variety of different treatments and methods.

Do you have tension or pain?

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The method of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy encompasses a variety of natural healing methods that we draw on in our private practice in Berlin-Mitte. At the centre of every physiotherapeutic treatment is the elimination of disorders of mobility and/or functional limitations. This also includes the internal organs and the nervous system.

For this purpose, physiotherapy stimulates the body’s own self-healing powers. When applying your physiotherapy, a distinction is made between two forms of therapy: The active form of therapy relies on the patient performing independent movements. In the passive method, the movements are carried out by the treating physiotherapist.

Private Practice Physiotherapy Treatment
Private Practice Physiotherapy Treatment Room

Individual treatment as part of your private physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte

We want to get to the core of your complaints as part of your physiotherapy in our practice in Berlin. Only by getting a comprehensive picture of your symptoms can physiotherapy successfully contribute to providing you with lasting relief from your complaints. Every patient is different, and so are the causes of the symptoms. In order to give you the attention you deserve, we take a lot of time for each patient in our physiotherapy practice in Berlin. This starts with the fact that we deliberately only accept a smaller group of patients. We want to take our time: For you and your individual therapy. This begins with a personal conversation with your therapist and a detailed anamnesis. A thorough examination gives us a complete picture of your health condition. From this, a targeted, private physiotherapy in our Berlin practice can be derived in the following to permanently remedy your complaints.

Holistic methods of physiotherapy in our practice in Berlin

Ziel unserer Privatpraxis in Berlin ist es, Sie durch Physiotherapie umfänglich und effektiv von Ihren Beschwerden zu befreien. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, erstellen wir im Anschluss an das ausführliche Beratungsgespräch einen individuellen Therapieplan. For your effective physiotherapy, the entire range of services is available to you as a private patient of our Berlin practice: from physiotherapeutic treatments, osteopathic procedures, manual therapy and massages to personal training.

We will be happy to advise you on which of our treatments we can support you with. If you have any further questions about private physiotherapy or any other application, just give us a call. Our experienced practice team from Berlin-Mitte will be happy to help you. You can reach us at the telephone number +49 30 54 88 11 77 or via the Contact Form.