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Atlas vertebra correction in Berlin Mitte

You often have headaches, migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, balance problems, dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus or murmur in the inner ear, back pain in the lumbar region, nausea or concentration problems?
Very often the cause of these complaints is due to a malposition of the atlas vertebra.

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Atlaswirbel Korrektur gegen Migräne, Nackenschmerzen, Rückenschmerzen - Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

What is the Atlas Vertebra?

The atlas vertebra is the first cervical vertebra in the spine. It is the central element of the so-called upper cervical joints, which lie between the head, the atlas, and between the atlas and the second cervical vertebra. These give the head the necessary mobility. The area colloquially known as the cervical spine with the atlas vertebra as the central element is a very important & central component of the cervical spine. A multitude of nerve tracts and blood vessels run through this area.

Causes leading to problems with the atlas vertebra

Some people suffer from an atlas malposition in the course of a difficult birth. The malposition of the vertebrae is often caused by falls or whiplash injuries after accidents. Such drastic events can be the cause of the displacement of the atlas vertebra.
Also an activity at an office workplace, where long phases of sitting in front of the computer – with the head permanently bent forward – can lead to atlas blockage due to the one-sided posture. The whole thing is intensified by stress and high concentration.

In the unnatural position of sitting for long periods of time, the muscles push the atlas into a position that is not optimal for it. With this malposition the skeleton loses its symmetry. With the shoulders, spine, pelvis and legs, the body tries to compensate for the resulting lack of symmetry. This permanent strain on the muscles and joints to compensate for the missing symmetry leads in the short to medium term to the pain already mentioned above.

With the malposition of the atlas vertebrae, nerve paths and blood vessels leading through the openings of the vertebra to the head are pinched. Pain such as migraine, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. is intensified.

The atlas vertebra not only bears the load of the head, but also balances it. It is involved in many complaints in the body if it is not in the right place.

Atlas vertebra correction can be done quickly, painlessly and permanently.

Correct atlas vertebra malposition

Atlas therapy is a unique treatment in which the atlas vertebra is permanently and completely painlessly returned to its natural position.

The atlas vertebra correction is carried out by certified physiotherapists at Physiotherapie Marsch Berlin.

How does the atlas correction treatment work?

There are two appointments in total. At the first appointment, we conduct a detailed preliminary discussion with a subsequent analysis to determine whether a malposition of the atlas vertebra is actually present. If so, we correct the vertebra and return it to its intended position.

After one to two weeks, we conduct a follow-up appointment to check whether the vertebra is permanently in the correct position.

What does the correction of the atlas vertebra cost?


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The costs for this treatment are not covered by the health insurance. For the initial consultation, the analysis and the atlas vertebra correction, as well as for the following appointment, you will receive an invoice from us in the amount of 190,- Euro. You can submit this to your private health insurance or supplementary insurance company and have the costs reimbursed. Please check with your private health insurance company beforehand whether they will cover the costs for the Atlas vertebrae treatment.

If we determine during the preliminary consultation and the analysis that the Atlas Vertebrae do not need to be corrected, the one-time costs amount to 90,- Euro.