Atlas therapy Berlin
Atlas therapy Berlin

Atlas therapy Berlin: Atlas vertebra correction with experienced atlas therapist

Do you often suffer from headaches or migraines, do you feel pain in your jaw or neck? Are you affected by recurring balance disorders, dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus or ringing in your ears? Symptoms such as back pain in the area of the lumbar spine, Nausea and lack of concentration – a misalignment of the atlas vertebra is often the cause of all these complaints.

As the first cervical vertebra, the atlas is important in several respects. As the central joint of the so-called head joints, it ensures the necessary mobility of the head. Your atlas not only carries the weight of your head, but also balances it. If it is not in the right place, it can trigger a wide variety of complaints throughout your body. A visit to the Marsch physiotherapy practice, your Atlas therapists in Berlin, will provide you with a quick remedy.

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Quick help for acute pain

Are you suffering from discomfort, possibly caused by your atlas vertebra? Your atlas therapist in Berlin will inform you about the various possible causes: Already during birth, complications can lead to an atlas misalignment.

Falls or whiplash are also possible triggers for displacement of the atlas vertebra. Simply working at an office workplace can become the cause of discomfort.

In general, a permanent bad posture in front of the screen with the head bent forward can lead to an atlas blockage.

Additional factors such as stress and increased concentration during work have an additional reinforcing effect. In connection with the unnatural influence of the muscles, your atlas is shifted into an unfavorable position. This misalignment disturbs the symmetry of your skeleton. As a result, your body tries to compensate for this. The resulting permanent strain on your muscles and joints sooner or later leads to the aforesaid aches and pains. Atlas therapy in our Berlin practice relieves these symptoms immediately.

Atlas vertebrae correction Berlin-Mitte for chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain | Physiotherapie Praxis Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch
Atlas vertebrae correction Berlin-Mitte for chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain | Physiotherapie Praxis Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Fast, uncomplicated & efficient – treatment by your atlas therapist in Berlin

The complaints caused by a misalignment of your atlas vertebrae are diverse, but correcting your atlas vertebrae is completely uncomplicated: Correcting the misalignment by one of our experienced atlas therapists is a quick and painless treatment. Our practice team in Berlin consists of certified, experienced physiotherapists: With your Atlas therapist you are in the best hands.

Your atlas correction takes place in two appointments: During the first appointment, your atlas therapist will determine in a detailed discussion and in the subsequent analysis whether you have a malposition of the atlas vertebra. If this is the case, the vertebra will be returned to its natural position as part of your therapy. The treatment is completely painless. You will come to our Berlin practice for a follow-up appointment every one to two weeks. Then your atlas therapist will check whether your vertebra is in the right position over the long term.

The costs of the treatment are not covered by health insurance. We charge EUR 190 for the treatment by your atlas therapist, consisting of the preliminary consultation, the analysis and the correction of the atlas vertebrae. Please clarify in advance whether your private health insurance will cover the costs of your atlas therapy in our Berlin practice.

Your appointment with your atlas therapist in Berlin

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient in our modern practice rooms for atlas therapy in Berlin. Our team is committed to ensuring that you can use your entire musculoskeletal system extensively and painlessly – for an increased quality of life.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

How much does the correction of the atlas vertebra cost?

The health insurance company does not cover the costs for this treatment. For the preliminary discussion, the analysis and the atlas vertebra correction, as well as for the following appointment, you will receive an invoice of 199 euros from us. You can submit this to your private health insurance or supplementary insurance company and have the costs reimbursed. Please talk to your private health insurance company beforehand to see whether they will cover the costs of the atlas vertebra treatment.

Atlas therapy Berlin

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