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Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, jaw or neck pain? Do you have recurring problems with balance, dizziness, deafness in your ears or tinnitus? Back pain in the lumbar spine, nausea and concentration problems can also often be due to a misalignment of the atlas vertebra.

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Atlas therapy is a gentle and painless way to relieve neck tension. Here, the atlas vertebra is gently mobilized and corrected, if necessary, with the help of manual techniques. The first cervical vertebra Axis, the atlas, carries the head and is the only cervical vertebra without an intervertebral disc. Gentle pressure is applied to specific areas of the cervical spine to release blockages and relieve pain. This includes not only headaches and neck pain, but also symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness and back pain.

The atlas vertebra is the most important of all cervical vertebrae because it is the central joint that controls the mobility of your head. It not only supports the weight of your head, but balances it out and keeps you straight. However, if it is not in the right place, various discomforts can occur throughout the body. A quick solution can be found in the practice Physiotherapie Marsch in Berlin, where professional atlas therapists help.

Atlas therapy Berlin – For which complaints can it help?

Typical symptoms indicating a blockage in the atlas

Many people experience discomfort in the neck and shoulder area, such as stiffness, pain or limited range of motion. Often this is due to blockages in the area of the first cervical vertebra, the atlas. Atlas therapy or atlas vertebra correction can help alleviate such complaint relieving symptoms as:

  • Headache and migraine
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Dizziness and balance disorders
  • Tinnitus and hearing disorders
  • Back pain
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders
Atlas vertebra typical pain

Atlas therapy Berlin – What is the procedure?
Step by step: what to expect during an atlas therapy session

Atlas therapy is a manual procedure to release blockages in the area of the first cervical vertebra (atlas) and relieve neck and shoulder pain. The course of treatment may vary depending on the complaints, the individual state of health and the experience of the practitioner. Commonly used methods include:

1. comprehensive medical history

Treatment with atlas therapy begins with a detailed anamnesis. Your therapist will ask you questions to learn more about your condition, your symptoms, and your circumstances. This is the only way to create a personalized treatment program that addresses all of your needs.

2. diagnostic survey of the cervical spine and atlas

Before the atlas therapist begins treatment, a diagnostic assessment is performed to examine the cervical spine and atlas to identify any blockages or other problems. Depending on the results, it is decided which techniques and treatment methods have to be applied.

3. determination of the individual treatment goals

After the medical history and examination, together we will determine your personal treatment goals. This can be, for example, reducing your pain, improving your mobility or releasing blockages.

4. gentle manual treatment of the atlas

Atlas therapy belongs to the gentle manual therapy methods. Here, the physiotherapist uses his hands to mobilize the atlas with special techniques and to release blockages. This treatment usually takes no longer than 30 minutes and is usually painless.

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5. targeted mobilization of the cervical spine

Atlas therapy not only treats the atlas vertebrae, but also includes mobilization of the cervical spine. With the help of targeted techniques, blockages are released and the mobility of the spine is optimized – usually completely pain-free.

6. guidance on specific exercises

Our goal is for you to have long-term success with your treatment. Therefore, we will show you special exercises that you can perform at home without the guidance of an experienced atlas therapist. These exercises maintain and improve the mobility of the spine, contributing to a healthy and sustainable success.

7. regular control appointments for verification

After treatment, we advise you to schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor the success of the atlas therapy. In this way, we can ensure that further action is taken as needed.

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Frequently asked questions about atlas therapy

The most important questions answered briefly and concisely
What is Atlas Therapy?

Atlas therapy is a special manual therapy aimed at releasing blockages in the area of the first cervical vertebra called the atlas, thus relieving tension and pain in the neck and shoulder area.

How does atlas therapy work?

Atlas therapy consists of a close examination of the cervical spine followed by specific manual techniques to mobilize the atlas and surrounding structures. By releasing blockages in the atlas, tension and pain in the neck and shoulder area can be relieved.

For whom is atlas therapy suitable?

Atlas therapy can help people with neck and shoulder pain and limitations caused by blockages at the atlas. These complaints may include pain, tension, mobility limitations or migraines.

How often should you do atlas therapy?

How often you are recommended atlas therapy depends on several factors, such as the severity of symptoms and the progress of healing. Our atlas therapists usually advise several sessions at short intervals as well as regular follow-up.

What does atlas therapy do?

Atlas therapy can help with increased muscle tension and tension in the cervical spine. Gentle manual techniques remove blockages in the atlas and improve flexibility of the cervical spine. This reduces the tension of the surrounding muscles, which in turn leads to pain relief and a more comfortable body sensation. In addition, atlas therapy promotes blood circulation, ensuring that muscles, nerves and organs throughout the cervical region are supplied with needed nutrients.

How much does atlas therapy cost?

Unfortunately, our treatment is not covered by health insurance. But don’t worry – you will receive an invoice of 199 euros for the preliminary consultation, analysis and atlas vertebra correction, as well as for the follow-up appointment. You can submit these to your private health insurance or supplementary insurance and recover the costs.

Who developed atlas therapy?

In 1990, the French osteopath Arlen Rousseau developed atlas therapy. It assumes that many complaints in the body are due to a misalignment of the uppermost cervical vertebra, the atlas vertebra. Using targeted manual techniques, we can move the atlas vertebra into the correct position to relieve painful symptoms.

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