Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment Berlin for tension & pain

Do you have severe pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms or legs? In case of sudden onset of pain, we will help you quickly and effectively with Medical Treatment. For acute emergencies, we always keep a few appointments free to help you quickly and easily.

To alleviate your symptoms, Kinesio Tape is included in the scope of treatment if required. By attaching the Kinesio Tape, we reduce pain, improve joint functions and relieve tension . We release muscle tension with special grip techniques and, if necessary, loosen hardened muscle parts with the Theragun .

In order to get you free from pain and tension , we use all therapeutic measures – from massages to fascia treatments to cupping – to relieve your symptoms and get you as symptom-free as possible.

Make an appointment now at short notice

Acute complaints? Then give us a call and arrange a medical treatment in our practice. Tension or pain? Then call us and arrange a medical treatment in our practice.

+49 30 54 88 11 77

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Medical Treatment: the fast help for acute pain

The medical treatment with its holistic approach offers numerous possibilities for pain relief and thus sustainably increases a quality of life restricted by physical complaints. A medical treatment can help to significantly improve a person’s strength, endurance, coordination and joint mobility.

Book a 40-minute medical treatment in our practice for 99 euros (40 minutes / 149 euros for 60 minutes) and receive a treatment that relieves your body of severe pain and makes you fit again for work, family or sports!

Medical Treatment Berlin Mitte
Medical Treatment Berlin Mitte