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Physiotherapeutic treatments

Bobath for adults

The Bobath therapy or KG Neuro specializes in neurological diseases that are treated with physiotherapeutic treatment methods. The aim of this form of therapy is to promote the patient’s own activity on an individual and everyday basis. […] More information

Sacral Skull Therapy

Craniomadibular dysfunction (CMD) generally refers to a dysregulation of the temporomandibular joint together with the muscles and bones involved. About 8 % of the German population is affected by this disease. Headache, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, teeth grinding, dizziness or tinnitus – all these symptoms can be attributed to craniomadibular dysfunction. […] More information

The gait school specializes in learning an ideal gait pattern, depending on the anatomy and physical condition of the patient. Incorrect posture of the gait can lead to pain and damage all over the body – especially in the back, pelvis and knees. Within the scope of the therapy a relaxed, balanced and rhythmically ideal gait pattern is trained. […] More Information

Hand rehabilitation

The hands fulfil innumerable functions – they grip, feel, pull, type. Without hands, the human being is restricted and the room for manoeuvre is smaller. Injuries to the hands can have many causes. Broken bones, nerve injuries or chronic pain symptoms – hand rehabilitation tries to find a therapeutic solution for all causes. […] More Information

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping originally comes from Japan and is mostly used to reduce pain, improve joint function, release tension, stimulate the metabolism or reduce swelling. Colourful strips of plaster are applied to the skin, whereby the tension of the tape varies depending on the intensity of the effect. The adhesive strips woven from cotton are elastic and breathable and therefore suitable for application to the skin. […] More Information

Detox Massage

The classical massage is one of the oldest treatment methods in the world. By stroking, kneading, rubbing, pressing or tapping, certain parts of the body are treated in such a way that tension and pain in the area of the locomotor system are alleviated. Massaging the body leads to an increase in blood flow to the skin, connective tissue, muscles and tendons. […] More Information


Physiotherapy includes active and passive forms of therapy that treat diseases from almost all medical fields. Physiotherapy often accompanies the treatment of diseases with the aim of optimizing the body’s functionality and compensating for movement deficits. […] More Information

Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

Lymph drainage is used in particular for the treatment of lymphoedema and aims to stimulate lymph drainage. If body parts such as legs or arms swell, this is often due to a congestion of lymph fluid in the tissue. Lack of exercise, smoking or overweight and numerous other reasons can disturb the flow of lymph. […] More Information

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a healing treatment that is executed with the hands. The treatment requires a systematic physiotherapeutic examination to analyse functional disorders of the locomotor system. […] More Information

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a treatment technique that aims to achieve economical muscle interaction. The human body contains motion sensors, so-called receptors. These receptors ensure that humans know – without having to look – how the body moves or in which position it is located. […] More Information

Back fit course

The back school is a training concept that is specialized in the treatment of back pain. Relaxation exercises and training to strengthen the muscles are intended to prevent chronic back pain or alleviate existing tension and pain. […] More Information

The current treatment is a form of electrotherapy, which is mainly used for acute or chronic diseases. Electrical stimuli are intended to trigger nerve reactions that contribute to pain relief, strengthening of the muscles or inhibition of inflammation. […] More Information

Ultrasound therapy is a therapeutic procedure that is used primarily for pain of the musculoskeletal system such as joint or spinal disorders. Ultrasound in itself refers to rapidly successive sound waves that are intended to detect diseases of organs or joints. During an ultrasound treatment, the inaudible sound waves are used to relieve pain and muscle tension associated with nerves, tendons and joints. […] More Information

Osteopathic procedures

Sacral Skull Therapy

Cranio-Sacral-Therapy is an alternative medical treatment form that has developed from osteopathy. The fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord moves the nervous system from the skull (cranium) to the sacrum (sacrum). The pulsation of the fluid creates the body’s own rhythms, which are felt during the therapy. The cranio-sacral rhythm can be felt everywhere because it spreads throughout the body via the connective tissue. […] More Information

fascia therapy

Fasciae, in specific the connective tissue, run through our body and provide stability in the body. An unhealthy lifestyle associated with a lack of exercise, stress and/or incorrect nutrition or injuries, e.g. after operations or accidents, lead to adhesions, twisting or tangling of the fascia. All this can lead to chronic pain and make the body immobile. […] More Information

Visceral techniques

The visceral therapy focuses on the organs in the abdominal area, but also the chest and pelvic area and the adjacent connective tissue. Manual techniques are used to treat functional limitations of the organs and associated symptoms. […] More Information

Sports Physiotherapy

Needs assessment

Regular sport requires a strong body with joints, tendons and muscles that function properly in the long term. This requires a healthy way of dealing with one’s own body as well as a good body perception that protects and preserves the locomotor system. Signs of wear and tear and overuse damage to the spine and joints occur above all when malpositions or muscular imbalances are not identified early on. . […] More Information

Diagnosis Consulting

Sports-specific physiotherapy specialises in the treatment of active athletes with the aim of maintaining or restoring their sporting ability. High-performance sport puts a strain on the body and can stress joints, muscles and tendons. Tension, blockages and pain are not uncommon symptoms that can severely restrict performance. The causes can often be traced back to chronic overload situations, incorrect strain or imbalances. […] More Information

Kinesio Taping

Kinesiological taping – this form of therapy is known from Japanese medicine. In particular, kinesiologic tapes are used by athletes to strengthen muscles, treat injuries and stabilize certain areas to prevent fractures or distortions. […] More Information

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Competitive sport is primarily about winning. Maximum performance is achieved in order to achieve the best possible goals. It is not uncommon for ambition to lead to injuries caused by incorrect training, mental or physical fatigue, poor nutrition or incompletely healed injuries. In general, overloading leads to sports injuries. But even during the competition bad conditions, such as bad weather or an unfortunate collision can lead to accidents. […] More Information

Detox/Regeneration Massages

Theragun G3PRO Berlin Muskelverspannung Physiotherapie Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

With the Theragun G3PRO, we have a new type of therapy device in our practice in Berlin, which – in addition to a beneficial massage effect – specifically treats deep-seated muscle complaints. Non-athletes also benefit from this therapy. Learn how the Theragun works and how it is applied. […] More Information

Anti Stress Massage

If everyday life is perceived as fast moving, the way to work as hectic, the pressure of studying as restrictive, the body reacts with stress. A permanent state of tension is harmful to health and initially leads to tension and pain in the body – especially in the area of the shoulders, neck and back. But the psyche also reacts negatively. […] More Information

Aroma Oil Massage

Every second person in Germany complains about back pain and at least as many about tension in the neck or shoulders. Incorrect posture, everyday office life or hard physical work – all these lead to a reduced quality of life due to physical complaints. It is therefore important to be beneficial to the body. […] More Information

Connective tissue massage

The connective tissue massage belongs to the so-called reflex zone massages and focuses on the back, thigh region, sacrum and pelvic region. The aim is to use certain nerve stimuli to treat internal organs, tighten the connective tissue and activate the metabolism. This means that the massage of different body zones influences the function of other organs. […] More Information

Foot reflex zone therapy

Foot reflexology has a long history: In ancient Egypt, China and among the Indians, the therapy was considered very effective in identifying and curing diseases in different parts of the body via the feet. Via certain nerve irritations or reflexes, remote effects on internal organs can be achieved. […] More Information

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones as a form of therapy – the hot stone massage is an ancient Chinese healing art that specializes in healing tension and pain. The aim of the therapy is to pamper the body in such a way that the mind can develop freely again. The massage is intended to achieve permeability through the influence of heat, general well-being through better body perception and stress reduction by focusing on certain parts of the body. […] More Information

Athlete Massage

Massages go back to a tradition and healing art thousands of years old. Manual techniques are used to stimulate the blood circulation of skin, connective tissue, muscles and tendons. Athlete massages focus on athletes whose bodies are particularly stressed and challenged. […] More Information

Anti Stress Massage

High performance pressure, permanent availability and the speed of everyday life lead to stress and tension. If tasks are completed quickly, people feel an entertaining satisfaction that creates an ambition for the next challenge. Thus the psyche quickly gets into a cycle that consists of performance. The awareness of stress is switched off and the body functions at the push of a button. […] More Information