Anti Stress Massage

Anti Stress Massage Physiotherapie Berlin

If everyday life is perceived as fast moving, the way to work as hectic, the pressure of studying as restrictive, the body reacts with stress. A permanent state of tension is harmful to health and initially leads to tension and pain in the body – especially in the area of the shoulders, neck and back. But the psyche also reacts negatively.

This reduces performance and leads to general exhaustion, which can have various effects. While some suffer from insomnia or cardiovascular problems, others react with thought blocks, nervousness or listlessness. One possible solution for these problems: an anti-stress massage.

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An anti stress massage focuses on the relaxation of stressed body regions. It includes grip, pressure, stroking, kneading or tapping techniques that vary in rhythm and strength according to the degree of tension and need. The aim is to calm the body so that the mind can develop freely again.

The general condition of a person reaches an ideal state when body and mind are in harmony. A satisfied body automatically has a positive effect on the psyche. To withdraw briefly from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply do nothing – the body relaxes, the heart beats at regular intervals, breathing flows, thoughts are free.

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