Sportstape / Kinesiology Taping

Sportstape / Kinesiology Taping

Activating instead of fixing

Kinesiological taping – this form of therapy is known from Japanese medicine. In particular, kinesiologic tapes are used by athletes to strengthen muscles, treat injuries and stabilize certain areas to prevent fractures or distortions.

Whether on the shoulders, neck, back and ankles – the use of the paving strips is generally intended to stimulate blood circulation, lymph fluids and metabolism. Since the adhesive strips are elastic and breathable, they are no longer noticed shortly after application and can be worn for days, even when showering and swimming.

The concept behind the Kineso Taping is simple: between the first two layers of skin, i.e. the epidermis and the dermis, are our pain sensors. With the affixing of a tape, the first layer of skin is raised. This relieves the pain sensors and improves blood flow to the underlying tissue and muscles.

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Kinesiology tapes are practical in that – being on the skin – they protect and heal within everyday life.

As part of the treatment, kinesiology tapes are applied correctly to the appropriate parts of the body, depending on symptoms, pain areas and life situations, and their tension is adjusted individually.

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