Bobath for Adults / KG Neuro

Bobath for Adults / KG Neuro

Bobath Therapy or KG Neuro specializes in neurological diseasesthat are treated with physiotherapy procedures. The aim of this form of therapy is to promote the patient’s own activity individually and on a daily basis.

Together with the patient, grips and aids are developed with the intention of improving movement patterns or returning them to the norm. The limitations are usually due to sensomotor failures caused by the nervous system. Bobath therapy is mainly used for cranial brain trauma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, strokes, paralysis or brain haemorrhage.

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Physiotherapy Bobath Treatment for Adults

Bobath therapy looks at people individually and holistically. There are therefore no standardised exercises for treating damage to the nervous system. Since the nervous system has the ability to learn for a lifetime, functions can be reactivated or improved. Depending on the disease and the patient, the therapy can be done standing, sitting or lying down. It helps to train body perception, reduce pain, relearn lost movement skills and, above all, restore self-reliance in everyday life.