Detox Massage

Detox Massage

Whether stress, lack of exercise or poor nutrition – the fact is: the body is exposed to unhealthy stimuli every day. This leads to tension, pain or a general malaise in your own body. And this is exactly where the Detox Massage comes in. This is to detoxify,relax the muscles and create a healthy balance.

In general, the detox massage is not necessarily the mildest form of detoxification. Special massage techniques are used to stimulate the lymph vessel system and blood circulation. This allows skin scales to come off and the lymphatic system and blood circulation are stimulated. This is followed by the purification phase. With the addition of a hot oil mixture the whole body is intensively massaged. The oil penetrates into the tissue and toxinsand slags are dissolved. Once the detoxis done, you can relax.

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The detox massage will at best still be noticeable in the days following its execution. Probably the digestive tract was stimulated so that further toxins can be eliminated. The body feels free, pure and rested.

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