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Athlete Massage

Massages go back to a tradition and healing art thousands of years old. Manual techniques are used to stimulate the blood circulation of skin, connective tissue, muscles andtendons.

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Athlete massages focus on athletes whose bodies are particularly stressed and challenged. Although regular sports activities are generally considered healthy, promote general fitness and keep the body powerful, strains,overloads or pain on the joints can strain the body. The athlete massage includes special grip, pressure, kneading or knocking techniques to prevent or mitigate muscle distortions,joint pain, inflammation or blockages. This requires a basic examination in which the tissue is examined with the hands for changes and tensions.

During the massage, certain proteins are released, which are responsible for the recovery of the muscles and the development of inflammatory substances decreases. The performance of the athlete is mainly related to the physical and psychological condition. Maximum performance and concentration are only possible if the body is relaxed and the musculoskeletal system is free of pain.