Manual lymph drainage on legs, face, abdomen & knees

Manual lymph drainage on legs, face, abdomen & knees

Lymphatic drainage, a special form of medical massage, is used in particular to treat lymphedema and aims to stimulate lymph drainage. If parts of the body, such as legs, face or arms swell up, this is often due to a build-up of lymph fluidin the tissue. But knees and stomachs can also be affected by lymph congestion. Lack of exercise, smoking or overweight, the removal of lymph nodes and numerous other reasons can disturb the flow of lymph.

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Gentle therapy method against swelling & pain

Along with the bloodstream, the lymph vessels are the most important transport system in the body. If the lymph flow is impeded, the fluid in the tissue quickly congests and the affected parts of the body, usually legs, abdomen or knees, swell painfully. With targeted and gentle grips, pressure and relaxation techniques, the areas affected by lymph congestion are gently pressed and massaged. The low pressure during lymphatic drainage is important because the lymph vessels close to the skin surface should not be treated too intensively. The massage is therefore gentle and painless. Gentle rhythmic movements should be used to stimulate accumulated fluid to drain off again. Deposited toxins are led back into the lymphatic system by the gentle massage. Externally, swellingsgo down quickly and pain subsides.

At the beginning of the treatment, the patient receives lymphatic drainage at the shortest possible intervals, sometimes even daily. Over time, the time periods become longer. Lymphatic drainage is particularly suitable post-operatively, for sprains, bruises, broken bones, strains or other complaints associated with swelling. People with lymphedema, for example in the legs, arms or abdomen, and pregnant women also benefit from the treatment.

Lymph drainage in our practice in Berlin

In our practice in Berlin, lymph drainage is of course only performed by specially trained physiotherapists. Our comprehensive and holistic concept includes, not only for lymphatic drainage but also before any physiotherapeutic treatment, a detailed consultation in which we inform the patient about the course of treatment and take a detailed medical history.

Lymph drainage is often combined with other therapeutic methods, such as decongestive movement exercises as part of physiotherapy or compression therapy, to achieve even better healing results.

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