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High performance pressure, permanent availability and the speed of everyday life lead to stress and tension. If tasks are completed quickly, people feel an entertaining satisfaction that creates an ambition for the next challenge.

Thus, the psyche quickly gets into a cycle that consists of performance. The awareness of stress is switched off and the body functions at the push of a button. That does not go for a long time well: Who loads the body and the psyche permanently, loses, whether short or long, its concentration ability and calmness and makes itself permeable for depressions or Burn Out syndromes.

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How about this instead? Close your eyes, pamper your body with gentle movements, let your thoughts flow and breathe deeply. The body needs the lightness so that the soul can feel free again. After all, life is not just about work.

The wellness massage focuses on the relaxation and well-being of the person. Kneading, rubbing and pressure techniques are used to remove tension, dissolve pain and increase the blood supply to the skin, connective tissue, muscles and tendons.

The general well-being depends on many factors. But above all it is important to allow oneself to rest periods in which body and mind can regenerate. Those who are exposed to many stress factors will know this: Concentration is inhibited, sleep is restless, neck, shoulders and back are tense. All these symptoms can be avoided if you give your body the time-out it requires. During a massage the body relaxes and the mind becomes free again. With energy, friends and strength into everyday life – that’s how it can be!

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