Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy Berlin Mitte

Treatments for pain and muscle tension

Ultrasound therapy is a therapeutic procedure that is used primarily for pain of the musculoskeletal system such as joint or spinal disorders. Ultrasound in itself refers to rapidly successive sound waves that are intended to detect diseases of organs or joints. During an ultrasound treatment, the inaudible sound waves are used to relievepain and muscle tension associated with nerves, tendons and joints.

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As part of an ultrasound treatment, sound waves are transmitted through the skin into the body. A sound head is used, which is connected to an ultrasonic device by cable. Finally, the ultrasonic waves are sent out. In order to allow the sound waves to be transmitted to the patient’s parts of the body to be treated, a special gel is applied to the respective parts of the patient’s body. The sound head is finally passed over the parts of the body to be treated and the sound waves are transmitted through the skin into the body.

The ultrasound treatment has a warming, pain-relieving and circulation-promoting effect. It ensures that the temperature in the fabric rises. This improves blood circulation and metabolism (trophic improvement) and reduces tissue tension (tonus). All this leads to a loosening of tense muscles as well as a relief of pain,which is mainly caused by spinal diseases.

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