Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones as a form of therapy – the hot stone massage is an ancient Chinese healing art that specializes in healing tension and pain. The aim of the therapy is to pamper the body in such a way that the mind can develop freely again.

The massage is intended to achieve permeability through the influence of heat, general well-being through better body perception and stress reduction by focusing on certain parts of the body.

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Even before the actual hot stone massage begins, basalt stones with a temperature of up to 60 degrees are distributed over the body to create a general warming of the whole body and stimulate the lymph flow and metabolism. Then the stones are focused on specific areas of the back, legs or face tostimulate tired muscles or relax overworked ones. With the warm stones parts of the body are specifically massaged, hardened areas are relaxed by applying pressure and tired muscles are activated with vibrations or tapping.

Through various massage techniques, the heat penetrates through the skin into deep tissue layers up to the muscles. This also supports the flexibilityof tendons and connective tissue and promotes mobility of the joints. The satisfied body automatically affects the psyche. Stress is alleviated, pain is released and breathing flows in regular cycles.

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