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Visceral techniques – regeneration of inner organs

Visceral Manipulation focuses on the organs in the abdominal, chest and pelvic area as well as the surrounding connective tissue. Manual therapy techniques are intended to treat impaired organ function and the associated symptoms.

Therapy starts with a palpation of the organs to assess the status of their health. Gentle movements are used to mobilize organs and stimulate neural and vascular function. These manual manipulations invigorate the body to such an extent that old patterns are dissolved, and changes gradually take place by themselves.

Visceral impairment can be caused by a variety of issues: Inflammation, traumatic injuries or postural patterns can lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system or to neural irritation. In order to treat tenseness, adhesions and dysfunctions, visceral manipulation focuses on the mobility and motility of organs. When circulation is in balance, stomach function as well as its interaction with other organs improve considerably. It also promotes lymphatic circulation and hormonal balance and reduces adhesions and tenseness. By treating organs such as the liver or the kidney, stomach issues, herniated discs or hip problems can be resolved or their symptoms reduced – simply by employing a skillful manual technique and without the use of medication.