Physiotherapy after arthrodesis

In cases of unrelenting joint pain and joint instability, if conservative treatments have not been successful, a medical procedure is used in which the affected joint is surgically stiffened. Arthrodesis can be performed on the joints of the spine, hands or feet, for example. Although the joint is permanently stiffened after the operation, i.e. no longer has any movement, rehabilitation should be supported by physiotherapy. As part of this, exercises are carried out to maintain the muscles and surrounding tissue so that functionality can be improved.

Physiotherapy after arthrodesis Physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Muscle building and flexibility

After an arthrodesis, care should be taken to strengthen the muscles around the stiffened joint. If the surrounding muscles are trained, their mobility can be maintained. This keeps the musculoskeletal system as a whole flexible without damaging the stiffened joint.

Pain relief after arthrodesis

Physiotherapy techniques can be used to help alleviate pain associated with the operation and the stiffening of the joint. Massage and manual techniques are particularly helpful, but recommending the use of modalities such as heat and cold therapy can also lead to pain relief.

Arthrodesis treatment Physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Better mobility through physiotherapy

Stiffening of a joint can affect the mobility and function of the entire body. Mobility in everyday life can be restored by learning new movement patterns and using aids. Physiotherapy involves practices that can restore the body to the best possible normal state after arthrodesis.

Physiotherapy after arthrodesis Physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Depending on the individual body and joint, the body needs individual exercises. In any case, it is important to keep the joints fit and strengthen them with appropriate training in order to reduce pain and achieve long-lasting functionality.

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