Physiotherapy for back, head and neck pains.

Physiotherapy for back, head and neck pains.

In our practice for physiotherapy in Berlin, we provide you with comprehensive care, always following our principle: “We don’t treat the symptom, we treat the cause.” Following this guiding principle, we offer our patients the entire spectrum of active as well as passive forms of therapy, for example osteopathy here in Berlin. The methodology of physiotherapy often focuses on support during the treatment of diseases: The goal is to optimize the body’s ability to function and to compensate for movement deficits.

The starting point for the choice of treatment is the individual clinical picture of the patient. Generally speaking, physiotherapy – as in our practice in Berlin-Mitte – mainly treats postural deformities and damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Targeted physical exercises support the mobility of specific body regions. In addition, weakened muscles are strengthened through special movements. Other areas of physiotherapy in our Berlin practice include relaxation exercises. They help to alleviate muscle pain. Even in the case of diseases of the respiratory tract, physiotherapy can have a supportive effect through targeted breathing exercises.

In addition, physiotherapy is suitable for accompanying pregnancy. When supporting the heart-lung function, physiotherapy is also beneficial. Last but not least, we also recommend a visit to our practice in Berlin-Mitte for back, neck and shoulder tension; because rigid sitting in the office and incorrect posture are often the cause. Physiotherapy helps you to find relief through simple exercises.

Injuries caused by sports or an accident can also be effectively treated by targeted physiotherapy.

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The aim of physiotherapy is to improve the body’s ability to move and function, e.g. during sports or pregnancy.

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Pain-free through targeted physiotherapy in your practice in Berlin

Treatment in our practice always has the goal of enabling you to live a life without pain and restrictions in the long term. For this purpose, your individual therapy plan is created during your physiotherapy treatment. The physical exercises that you perform in our Berlin practice are each specifically adapted to your affected body part.

By building up your musculature and improving joint mobility, your entire musculoskeletal system will be positively affected as a result of your physiotherapy. In addition to your physical health, this also has a positive effect on your mental state.

The methodology of physiotherapy follows a holistic principle: the reciprocal interaction of body perception, self-confidence and self-esteem and their optimization provides in sum for a sustainably better attitude to life.

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