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Sports Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte

Sport specific physiotherapy

Sports-specific physiotherapy specializes in the treatment of active athletes. The focus of sports physiotherapy is the long-term preservation or restoration of your mobility and physical resilience.

Through intensive sports, your entire musculoskeletal system, joints, muscles and tendons are stressed. Common result: tension, blockages and pain. The causes are often a chronic overload situation, incorrect loads or imbalances.

Within the scope of sports physiotherapy in our Berlin practice, we treat your individual complaints in a targeted manner. Blockages in the vertebrae, muscle spasms or stretched ligaments, for example, occur relatively frequently in athletes. Sports physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte by our experienced practice team will help you to find relief more quickly. So you can soon resume your sporting activities without pain.

Aftercare for fractures or surgery usually requires a longer period of physiotherapy. This ensures that your body fully recovers and regains its full range of motion. Sports physiotherapy in our Berlin practice is individually tailored to your physical condition and clinical picture. In the interplay of activating and relaxing massage techniques, functional tapes or exercises to compensate for muscle imbalances and for deeper body awareness, we ensure a fundamental regeneration. You will notice: Regular sports physiotherapy in our practice in Berlin-Mitte supports you in the long term. A healthy musculoskeletal system and a healthy psyche are the best prerequisites for achieving your athletic goals.

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Thorough sport specific analysis

The basis of your sports physiotherapy in Berlin

To ensure that you can continue to perform at a high level in the long term, your joints, tendons and muscles must function perfectly. In addition to a healthy approach to your own body, good body awareness is also a prerequisite for this: it ensures that the musculoskeletal system is protected and protects against wear and tear. Overload damage to the spine and joints is often caused by unrecognized misalignments or muscular imbalances. A sports-specific analysis in our Berlin practice is a crucial part of successful sports physiotherapy: early diagnosis can treat complaints before they worsen. This effectively prevents persistent pain and damage to your musculoskeletal system.

As part of your sports physiotherapy, our experienced practice team in Berlin-Mitte will thoroughly examine your movement patterns: This will identify your individual risks of injury. You will receive comprehensive information about your current load, performance and movement capabilities as well as your strength, coordination and endurance. The analysis also includes the load on your spine and joints, as well as appropriate measures to compensate. Sports physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte supports you in preventing overloads and possible injuries at an early stage. This includes optimizing your running style, recommending insoles and other preventive and physiotherapeutic exercises: Your sports physiotherapy in our Berlin practice will encourage you to always perform at your best during regular, intensive sports.

Physiotherapy for athletes

Efficient treatments as part of your sports physiotherapy in Berlin

Massages go back to a millennia-old tradition and healing art. Manual techniques are used to stimulate blood circulation to the skin, connective tissue, muscles and tendons. Strains, overstrains or pain are frequent side effects of regular, intensive sports activities. Sports massages are part of the sports physiotherapy in our Berlin practice: In the course of a basic examination, possible tensions are diagnosed. During the massage, proteins are released that contribute to the recovery of the muscles and reduce the emergence of pro-inflammatory substances.

In massage as part of your sports physiotherapy, we rely on special grip, pressure, kneading and tapping techniques in our Berlin practice. These help prevent or alleviate muscle distortions, joint pain, inflammation or blockages. In this way, sports massages make an important contribution to maintaining your maximum performance.

As your specialist for sports physiotherapy in Berlin, we offer kinesiological taping as an additional component of your treatment: This form of therapy originally comes from Japanese medicine. It is used to strengthen muscles, treat injuries and, by stabilizing certain parts of the body, prevent fractures and distortions. With the help of the plaster strips, blood circulation, lymphatic fluids and metabolism are stimulated. They can be worn for several days and do not need to be removed even when showering.

Do you have acute complaints that limit your athletic performance? The diverse treatments of a sports physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte provide you with quick relief.

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