Medical flossing

What is Medical Flossing?

Medical Flossing is a manual training method that is used to deal with restricted mobility and pain in the musculoskeletal system. A lack of exercise, injuries or signs of aging can lead to adhesions or scarring of the fascia. With the help of a latex tape that is wrapped around the area of the body to be treated, blockages are to be released and the flow of fluid in the fasciae stimulated.

The manual treatment of painful, blocked or tense body parts is intended to significantly reduce pain and swelling. Although medical flossing is primarily known in the field of sport, it has also proven to be beneficial for healing in rehabilitation and neurology.

How does medical flossing work?

Medical flossing uses an approx. 1-2 mm thick latex tape that is easy to stretch. The tape is wrapped around the region of the body to be treated, whereby both the tied area size and the strength of the pull or pressure can vary depending on the treatment goal.

Medical Flossing Improve mobility, relieve pain. Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte
Medical Flossing – Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte

The elastic band is first placed on the affected area. Then it is wrapped from distal to proximal. The tight wrapping around the joints, muscles or fasciae interrupts the flow of blood and lymph fluid at the respective points. In the laced position, movement impulses are sent that result from the execution of certain movement units. The goal is to put pressure on the layers of the pinched area. The so-called therapeutic interventions in the form of free, active or passive movements are guided by the therapist. After about 1-3 minutes, the rubber band is then released. The liquid accumulated by the tape dissolves and the fabric is flushed through. Similar to lymphatic drainage, this leads to increased lymph flow and stimulated blood circulation, which promote the healing process in the affected area.

How does Medical Flossing work?

By wrapping certain body areas or joints, the intra-articular pressure, i.e. the pressure inside the joint, is increased. While the blood flows and moves continuously within the capsule in the uncapped state, the flow is reduced by the unwinding. If the ligament is loosened after a few minutes, the blood immediately flows back into the underserved joint. The damaged tissue or joint is supplied with nutrients, hormones, oxygen, etc. In this way, the metabolism is stimulated and the healing process is activated or accelerated. The high pressure on the tissue ultimately repels waste materials and the vessels are cleaned. As a result, blocking adhesions or scarring also loosen, which leads to improved mobility of the joints and muscles.

Another positive side effect of flooding is the stimulation of the sensory cells under the skin. These cells are called mechanoreceptors and are responsible for transmitting pain. The resulting pressure on the skin and the movements performed during this prevent the transmission of pain in the spinal cord, so that painful complaints can be reduced after the first treatment.

Medical flossing is an effective treatment method that can successfully help against blockages and pain without the use of medication and also produces quick and immediately noticeable effects.

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