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Pre-competition, post-competition care / treatment

Competitive sport is primarily about winning. Maximum performance is achieved in order to achieve the best possible goals. It is not uncommon for ambition to lead to injuries caused by incorrect training, mental or physical fatigue, poor nutrition or incompletely healed injuries. In general, overloading leads to sports injuries. But even during the competition bad conditions, such as bad weather or an unfortunate collision can lead to accidents.

The pre-competition and post-competition support accompanies athletes before and after the competition. In cooperation with the therapist, an individual training is created, which is ideally adapted to the physical conditions of the athlete. Which exercises are best for optimizing coordination, stamina and strength? How much sleep is needed? Which diet supports the athlete’s performance the most? The goal is to find follow-up problems and good compensation for competitive sports in order to prevent possible long-term damage.

Joint problems, back pain, muscle distortions or joint blockages lead to a drop in performance, which damages the competition. However, many damages can be avoided by the correct behaviour before, during or after the sport. Good sports care takes preventive action against overloads and knows what the body needs before and after the sport. A healthy musculoskeletal system, strength and ambition – the best conditions to win a competition!