The cupping therapy

Cupping is one of the oldest therapeutic procedures – the ancient Greeks are said to have sworn by this therapy as early as 3000 BC. The cupping bell was depicted on a Mesopotamian doctor’s seal. Cupping was also practiced independently of one another in almost every other medical culture, such as in Egyptian antiquity, in China and in Indian Ayurveda.

In cupping therapy, several small vessels made of glass or plastic are usually placed on the body. A negative pressure is then generated in the vessels. As a result, the tissue is supplied with blood and the lymph flow is stimulated – blockages can be released and pain relieved. In addition, cupping is one of the drainage procedures, the aim of which is to remove harmful substances and substances from the body.

This method is used for different complaints. It is particularly useful for inflammatory processes, muscle tension and digestive disorders, but is also recommended for liver or biliary diseases, for example. Depending on the area of application, you can choose between different cupping methods: the therapist differentiates between bloody cupping, in which the skin is scratched on the surface before the cupping process, dry cupping, in which this scratching is omitted, and a cupping massage. During the cupping massage, the skin area to be treated is first rubbed with oil and then massaged with the attached cupping glasses.

Cupping is one of the traditional healing methods that do not require the use of medication. Even so, the cupping method is an effective weapon that can effectively combat many different ailments. That’s why we also offer as Physiotherapy practice Marsch in Berlin Mitte offers this traditional form of therapy to support you in relieving and long-term elimination of your symptoms. Visit our practice to work together with our professional, trained and friendly staff to address your problems.

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