Fascia therapy

Fascia therapy in Berlin-Mitte

Fasciae run through the entire human body like a net. As part of the connective tissue, the few millimeter thick fiber bundles consist mainly of collagen, which provides stability in the body. They also play a decisive role in the transmission of force to the muscles.

An unhealthy lifestyle associated with lack of exercise, stress and/or poor diet, as well as injuries, for example after surgery or accidents, can lead to adhesions, twisting or tangling of the fascia and cause chronic pain and immobility.

Was kostet eine Faszien-Behandlung?

Fascia therapy in our physiotherapy practice in Berlin-Mitte is aimed at relieving tension, eliminating pain and restoring mobility and lightness in the body, thus increasing general well-being. The 60-minute fascia treatment costs 149 euros.

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Counteract complaints individually with the fascia therapy

Normally, the fasciae are arranged parallel to each other, but they can stiffen due to the above mentioned causes. This is where the fascia therapy in our practice in Berlin-Mitte comes in. The therapy is based on two different branches of treatment: Firstly, active exercises to stretch the fascial chains and secondly, targeted massage. Furthermore, springy movement exercises are performed, for example to loosen twisting of the fascia. With the massage, the fasciae are externally stimulated so that hardenings and tensions can be released. This can also increase the water balance in the connective tissue.

Through the combination of physical exercise and massage the body perception and the own well-being increase. Back and joint pain, stiff body parts or feelings of numbness are gently treated without medication. With regular fascia therapy the body relaxes, becomes more flexible and stable. An improvement of the overall well-being or an alleviation of pain can occur after a short time, but experience shows that it can take some time until the fasciae have regenerated in the long term. Fascia therapy can also be useful after injuries, as it contributes to faster healing of the tissue. In this way your accustomed performance can be restored.

Our team of experienced and qualified physiotherapists in our practice in Berlin-Mitte will be happy to advise you on the options available to you during fascia therapy and will explain the individual therapy methods in detail. Because it is part of our philosophy that all our patients know and understand the cause of their problem. Only in this way can they be comprehensively helped to alleviate their complaints.

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