Sectoral alternative practitioner for physiotherapists – Berlin Mitte

Sectoral alternative practitioner for physiotherapists – Berlin Mitte

The job of one Alternative practitioner is regulated by numerous legal requirements. A large number of activities are subject to the so-called doctor’s reservation and are therefore forbidden for alternative practitioners. Since 1993 (decision of the Federal Administrative Court) applicants can under certain conditions one in the field of healing psychotherapy get limited permission. As a result, an on physical therapy limited healing permit was introduced. The partial permit for the field of physiotherapy explicitly and exclusively permits the therapy procedures assigned to the occupational profile of the physiotherapist in the training catalog.

What is a Sectoral Alternative Practitioner?

A sectoral alternative practitioner is a physiotherapist with special training that entitles them to treat patients without a doctor’s prescription. The alternative practitioner examines his patients for physical limitations and determines whether the symptoms can be treated as part of physiotherapy or whether a special visit to the doctor is required. In most cases, physical symptoms can appear after a diagnosis be treated with physiotherapy . This mainly affects patients with orthopedic complaints such as Move- or Joint pain that can impair the functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.

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Your therapist for pain and tension

Let yourself be with Pain , Tension or other physical restrictions are examined by a specialist as soon as possible so that your physical symptoms can be treated quickly and effectively. We know all too well that unfortunately this is often easier said than done. A visit to the doctor can lead to long waiting times and inconvenience, which can delay healing in the case of sometimes serious physical problems.

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Thanks to his additional qualification, the sectoral alternative practitioner is entitled to carry out your examination without a doctor’s prescription – without long waiting times and making appointments, but also enjoy other advantages: An intensive examination without time stress can provide effective treatment that aims to treat your complaints individually and to heal your body using natural methods. Unlike conventional doctors, who often consider medication, the one works sectoral alternative practitioners on a wide range alternative measures back.

This uses the possibilities of physiotherapy and draws from a pool of the latest research findings and methods of action. Together with the patient, the naturopath agrees the type of therapy, the scope and the number of sessions so that physical restrictions can be treated effectively and specifically. In addition, there is a possibility that Private patients or patients with a private supplementary insurance the bills can be refunded as the therapy as Curative treatment applies. After the therapy you will receive an invoice for an alternative treatment, which you can submit to your health insurance company. In any case, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to find out if you will be covered before starting treatment.

What are the advantages for me as a patient?

  • Treatments without a doctor’s prescription
  • No unnecessary waiting times for a doctor’s appointment
  • No specifications by a treating physician (form of therapy, duration of treatment, number of treatments)
  • Individual and detailed assessment & diagnosis
  • Effective treatment of your complaints

Your sectoral alternative practitioner in Berlin Mitte

Listen to the signs of your body and let yourself be examined quickly in case of complaints so that an uncomplicated healing can take place without any subsequent symptoms. The sectoral Naturopath in Berlin can help immediately without going to a doctor and uses targeted therapeutic methods that will quickly get your musculoskeletal system going again. And that’s a good thing, because the fact is: only those who are physically fit can go about their everyday life in a relaxed manner.

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