Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Teeth grinding (bruximus) at night is a widespread phenomenon that not only has a detrimental effect on oral health, but also on overall well-being. People who suffer from stress and anxiety are particularly affected by teeth grinding. In addition to psychological stress, misalignment of the teeth or jaw can also cause teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding at night - treatment with physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Effects of teeth grinding

Rubbing your teeth at night has an impact on your well-being and can not only cause damage to the mouth and jaw area, but also lead to other problems that can affect your everyday life. In addition to dental damage, such as tooth fractures or tooth wear, headaches and neck pain can lead to impairments. Excessive pressure on the jaw muscles leads to permanent tension, which can have a negative effect on concentration and performance. Sleep disturbances can occur at night, which – due to teeth grinding – can lead to a lack of sleep. Some suffer from ringing in the ears, such as tinnitus, so that sleep and everyday life can become a constant problem.

To find out if you suffer from teeth grinding, it is advisable to visit a dentist who can detect signs of wear or damage to the teeth. If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment should be sought as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.

Treating teeth grinding at night Physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Measures against teeth grinding

Teeth grinding as a result of stress symptoms can be controlled if stress is managed. Stress in everyday life and mental strain are serious illnesses that may take a long time to combat. A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, stress reduction, for example in the form of sport, yoga or meditation, or therapeutic measures are recommended in order to eliminate the actual causes of night-time grinding.

Treating bruxism Teeth grinding at night Physiotherapy practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Immediate measures that can be taken to counteract tooth wear would be to wear bite splints, which protect the teeth but can also help to reduce grinding.

Anyone suffering from pain in the jaw area can also undergo physiotherapy to loosen the jaw and relieve tension.

Teeth grinding as a symptom of stress or other psychological strain is not just an uncontrollable symptom at night, but a serious phenomenon that should be counteracted. It is advisable to identify the causes and take measures not only to avoid grinding at night, but also to improve the quality of everyday life.

Treating teeth grinding at night Bruxism Physiotherapy Practice Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch
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