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We do not treat the symptom
we treat the cause


As one of the oldest treatment methods in the world, massage is still regarded as an effective treatment method, for example against tension, pain, strain or overload. In sport, the body is particularly stressed and challenged. This can also lead to muscle distortions, joint pain and blockages, which, if not treated in time, can lead to a huge drop in performance.

By stroking, kneading, rubbing, pressing or tapping, certain parts of the body are treated in such a way that tension and pain in the area of the locomotor system are alleviated. Massaging the body leads to an increase in blood flow to the skin, connective tissue, muscles and tendons. Each patient is treated individually and grip techniques are applied in a targeted and adapted manner. This requires a basic examination in which the tissue is examined with the hands for changes and tensions.

A perfectly functioning body without tension, blockages or pain – maximum power, energy and strength are achieved when the body reaches its ideal state. Massages can help preventively and accompanying lyre – without the influence of medication, surgery or effort.