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Physiotherapy for hand rehabilitation in Berlin

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From powerful packing to fine motor movements– the hands fulfil countless functions in everyday life, work and sport. However, illness or injury can limit the mobility of the hand and greatly reduce the room for manoeuvre of the people concerned.
The aim of our physiotherapy for hand rehabilitation in our Berlin practice is to support you with various therapy measures in order to be able to cope with the challenges of everyday life again without help and pain.

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We support you in your rehabilitation process

Injuries and illnesses on the hands can have many causes. Bone fractures,damage to the nerves or chronic pain symptoms – for all causes, hand rehabilitation or hand therapytries to find a therapeutic solution and normalize the use of the hand.

The focus of the treatment in our physiotherapy practice in Berlin-Mitte is on gripping function, fine motor skills, mobility,dexterity, strength and pain-freeness. Which therapy is best suited depends on the individual. For this reason, in the run-up to the physiotherapy for hand rehabilitation in our practice in Berlin, the individual limitations of the patient are first discussed and a tailor-made therapy plan is drawn up.
Sensitivity training, for example, focuses on normalizing movement sensations and reducing pain perceptions. Manual therapy,

on the other hand, improves movement and prevents joint stiffening. A rail may help protect unstable joints. In many cases, our experienced physiotherapists also create an exercise program that patients perform regularly at home. Especially in hand rehabilitation, the patient’s cooperation contributes significantly to an improvement in hand function.

Physiotherapy for hand rehabilitation in Berlin is always based on the latest scientific findings and methods. Our specially trained staff know how the complex interplay of joints, muscles, tendons and nerves is structured and works, so that we can support you in your rehabilitation process in the best possible and targeted way.

With the right function of the hands, the person is independent and can master the challenges of everyday life independently.

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