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Sport-specific physiotherapy

Sports-specific physiotherapy specialises in the treatment of active athletes with the aim of maintaining or restoring their sporting ability.

High-performance sport puts a strain on the body and can stress joints, muscles and tendons. Tension, blockages and pain are not uncommon symptoms that can severely restrict performance. The causes can often be traced back to chronic overload situations, incorrect strain or imbalances. In the context of a sport-specific physiotherapy, restrictions of the musculoskeletal system are identified and treated individually. Vertebral blockages, muscle spasms or ligament stretches are usually treated effectively and quickly, so that the sports activities can soon be carried out symptom-free again. After fractures or operations, a longer physiotherapy is usually used, so that the body can fully recover and the ability to move can return to its original state.

The treatment is individually adapted to each athlete, depending on the physical condition and clinical picture. In this way, activating or relaxing massage techniques are performed, functional tapes are attached or exercises are performed to compensate for muscle dysbalances or to increase proprioception. All this also strengthens body perception and awareness of one’s own body.

Strength, coordination, endurance – regular competitive sports are only possible if the body functions perfectly. Only with a healthy musculoskeletal system and a satisfied psyche can high sporting goals be achieved in the long term.