Osteopathic procedures – a real all-round talent

If over osteopathic procedures is spoken, it is often about the treatment and healing of tense muscles, aching joints or a restricted musculoskeletal system. But osteopathic procedures are capable of much more – for example, visceral osteopathy can help alleviate or even eliminate problems with the internal organs.

Most of the human internal organs are surrounded by what is known as the peritoneum, a network of connective tissue, and are thus connected to one another. Within this loose network, however, they are flexible and develop their own rhythm. This mobility, which in osteopathy is also called mobility, can be restricted by malfunctions of the organs or also by external influences such as inflammation and incorrect posture. In the long term, this lack of flexibility can lead to adhesions and tension, which in turn lead to chronic overload symptoms, which are often expressed as sagging of the kidneys, bladder or uterus. Those affected then often suffer from painful consequences such as relative incontinence, menstrual disorders or menstrual disorders.

Visceral osteopathy begins with the therapist feeling the organs’ own movements and thus getting an idea of the health of the respective organ – this gentle feeling is also called “palpation”.
Then the practitioner begins to encourage the movements of the individual organs and thus stimulate their vitality and activate the body’s self-healing powers. A lack of mobility and disturbed rhythm of the internal organs is corrected manually in this way and their functions are normalized again.

Visceral osteopathy is about mobilizing ligamentous attachments of the organs, loosening adhesions and draining blocked tissue in order to create a good balance between the musculoskeletal system and the internal organs. The self-healing powers of the body are improved so that the organs are fully functional and vital again – at the same time, the therapy also has a positive effect on poor posture or tension in the external muscular system.

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