Core Training

Core Training Berlin Mitte

The modern form of training for more body stability

The central starting point for strength and movement performance is our torso. Core training focuses on the core muscles in the core. With certain exercises, the muscles are to be strengthened in such a way that stability and flexibility arise throughout the body.

Abdominal, pelvic, spine and hip muscles – these are the muscles that belong to the core area of the body. Achieving optimal interaction has been shown to make the body more powerful.

Standing for long periods of time puts too much strain on the trunk, while sitting rigidly for a long time is not demanding enough. Simple exercises should create a healthy balance. Core training is designed to train small muscle groups with simple exercises that can be performed without equipment or aids. Balance exercises, such as standing on one leg, lateral forearm rests or the bridge are classic exercises that strengthen the trunk and improve the interaction of nerves and muscles. Ultimately, the core training ensures a balance in the body and thus increases the quality of life and general well-being.

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