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Cupping is one of the oldest treatment methods – It is said that it was used even in ancient Greece. Cupping tools can be found even on a Mesopotamian physician’s seal from 3000 B.C. Almost every single other medical culture, such as those of Ancient Egypt, China and Indian Ayurveda used cupping independently of each other.

Cupping usually means the placement of several small vessels of glass or plastic on the body. Then a vacuum is applied to these vessels. This causes intense circulation in the tissue and stimulates lymph flow – to release blocks and reduce pain. Cupping also is a discharging method that draws harmful substances from the body.

This method is used to treat a variety of symptoms. It is particularly sensible for inflammatory processes, muscle tensions and digestive disorders, but also recommended for liver or gall diseases. There are various cupping methods used to match the specific application: the therapist distinguishes bloody cupping, where the skin is superficially scored before cupping, dry cupping without scoring the skin and cupping massage. In the cupping massage, oil is rubbed onto the skin area to be treated and the cups are used for massage after application.

Cupping is a traditional remedy that requires no medicines. Nevertheless, cupping is an effective weapon that can effectively fight many different symptoms. Therefore, we at the physiotherapy practice Marsch in Berlin Mitte use this traditional treatment to help mitigate and remove your symptoms in the long run. Come to our practice to tackle your problems in cooperation with our professional, trained and friendly employees.