Sitting correctly: Put an end to back pain

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In the office, at university, school or in our free time: On average, we sit up to 9.3 hours a day and more. Due to little movement and incorrect stress are Back pain It has long since become a common ailment and the third most common cause of sick leave in Germany. Because nature does not foresee that people spend a large part of their lives sitting down. Sitting is demanding Spine and Back muscles far stronger than standing or walking. However, a few tips and tricks can reduce or even avoid back pain and neck tension. Even a visit to one Back school can help.

How to sit back-friendly

Many people who work at their desks do so with their heads bowed and their necks stretched forward and remain like this for hours without changing position and feel unhealthy about themselves Sitting position not even consciously. But almost always there is pain and Tension in Shoulders and neck the consequence of the typical desk posture, in the long term even a hunched back (hyperkyphosis) or a misalignment of the spine (scoliosis) can arise.

But the complaints can be prevented by the correct sitting position. The starting position for healthy and correct sitting is always an upright posture. The desk and desk chair should be adjusted to the correct height. You should make sure that the upper and lower legs as well as the upper and lower arms are at right angles to each other. Your feet should be firmly on the ground. The backrest should be adjusted so that you do not lose contact when you sit upright. The viewing distance to the computer screen should be at least 50 centimeters.

Dynamic sitting – but how?

But even if you stay in the same sitting position for a long time, it can become a burden. It is therefore important to change your posture regularly – dynamic sitting is the magic word. For example, it can relieve the intervertebral discs if you take a comfortable sitting position after a phase of sitting upright and vice versa. What may seem strange at first will please your intervertebral discs. The constant movement strengthens the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Shifting weight from one buttock to the other, lolling and stretching can also help. Everything is allowed with dynamic sitting!

Plan and use breaks in movement

In addition to dynamic sitting, it is very easy to integrate more movement into everyday office life. Use every opportunity to give your body a break from long periods of sitting. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator, deliver messages to colleagues in person rather than email. Another option is to stand, for example, during phone calls. It is best to get up and take a few steps at least once an hour. Often it is just the little things that make a big difference.

But also the Gait analysis and Posture school In our physiotherapy practice, specific training can strengthen the muscles and so on chronic back pain prevent by long and incorrect sitting. Your own body awareness also plays an important role. Different exercises, for example with the help of a Therabands , help to relieve the strain on your intervertebral discs and strengthen the muscles in the trunk area to prevent neck tension and back pain. Learning back-friendly movements in everyday life is also part of the back school. Our physiotherapists will also show you exercises that can be easily performed in the office. But back training can also be useful for people who are not in the office. After all, long periods of standing and incorrect lifting or carrying can also put strain on the back.

In acute pain, a Medical Treatment help in our practice. The core of the complaints is identified through a holistic pain analysis and with the help of classic movement therapy and special massages, targeted work is carried out to restore strength, endurance and mobility. Come to our physiotherapy practice and let our team advise you. This is the first step in actively combating pain and tension.

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