Almost every second person in Germany suffers from tension in the area of the shoulders, head or spine. These can be traced back to the atlas vertebrae, which are often put in the wrong position after a fall or accident. However, a malposition can also have other causes that one would not initially suspect. Above all, regular office work, which is associated with constant concentration and pressure to perform, as well as the speed of everyday life, can cause a shift in the atlas vertebra and cause pain and tension throughout the body.

What at first sounds dramatic is fortunately not too complicated to remedy. A one-time treatment with a physiotherapist can permanently and painlessly return the atlas vertebra to its correct position and return the body to its original symmetry.

The atlas vertebra as a central element of the body

The atlas vertebra belongs to the central element of the upper cervicals. As the uppermost vertebra of the cervical spine, it plays a decisive role in the overall position of the spine.

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As a vertebra that sits directly under the head, it forms the first vertebra of the spine and thus connects the spinal column and the skull bone. Since the atlas vertebra is located near the brain and some nerves run around the atlas vertebra, a malposition can cause some complaints that can affect the whole body.

Often the diagnosis of pain and tension does not lead back to the atlas vertebra and doctors spend a long time in the dark. It is not unusual for patients to go from doctor to doctor for headaches or tension in the neck, shoulders or back area and be sent home with painkillers or other pharmaceuticals. Physiotherapy distances itself from conventional medicine and examines the body for blockages, shifts or malpositions. Anyone who suffers from similar symptoms and is no longer able to help themselves should seek out a therapist who will examine the musculoskeletal system vertebra by vertebra and put together an individually tailored therapy. An atlas correction usually consists of 1 to 2 sessions in which the vertebra is brought back into the correct position.

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The causes for a malposition of the atlas vertebra

Die häufigste Ursache einer Fehlstellung kann auf einen Unfall mit Schleudertrauma oder einem schweren Sturz zurückgeführt werden. Auch treten Beeinträchtigungen des Wirbels bei komplizierten Geburten oder dem Heben von schweren Gegenständen auf. Eine nicht allzu seltene Ursache ist allerdings regelmäßiges Sitzen, das eine Verschiebung des Wirbels verursacht. Während der Arbeit im Büro wird der Körper automatisch in eine unnatürliche Position gebracht. Der Kopf ist kontinuierlich nach vorne gebeugt und der Körper verliert an Symmetrie. 

In the end, the body tries to compensate for the malposition with other parts of the body – including the legs, pelvis or knees. People with a malposition of the atlas vertebra thus also suffer from overexertion of other body parts and can hardly explain the disharmony of the body. However, the solution is not so complicated once it is established that the problem for the impairment of the musculoskeletal system is related to the atlas vertebra. A single treatment compensates the malposition permanently and painlessly and the body quickly returns to its original function.

Atlas correction against pain in the head, shoulders and back

Do you suffer from regular tension or pain in your neck, shoulders or back? Do you sometimes suffer from headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, concentration problems or acute fatigue? If the symptoms have occurred after an accident or fall, if you regularly work in the office or have to carry heavy objects, you may also have a malpositioning of the atlas vertebra.

Talk directly to your therapist about this and have yourself examined specifically for this in order to perceive an early and effective treatment.

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Lean back and do something good for yourself and your body. Once there is a balance between the different parts of the body, the locomotor system can relax and the body feels free again. Take care of your well-being!

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